Designated Non Capital Assets

DNCA is defined as any device that stores and processes data with a purchase price under $5,000. In particular, due to the data they contain, DNCAs are a theft risk, and therefore these guidelines are established to address loss prevention and data security. Purchases of any DNCA must follow these guidelines, even if the  acquisition cost is minimal. 

DNCA are defined as:

Desktop computers

Laptop computers


Cell phones



DNCA Guidance (updated February 2024)

DNCA Cell Phone Job Aid (updated November 2023)

DNCA Purchasing and Receiving Job Aid (updated April 2024)

DNCA Inventory Management Job Aid (updated April 2024)

DNCA Frequently Asked Questions

DNCA Inventory Template (updated February 2023)

Recording DNCA Q&A Session (updated February 2023)

How to Request Designated Non-Capital Asset Tags:

Send an email to the Controller's Office ( In your email please include the number of tags needed along with the contact name and address of where the tags should be sent. The asset tags will be sent via interoffice or off-campus mail. Tags will be picked up via campus mail staff by 11 o'clock each morning and possibly delivered the next day.

Designated Non-Capital Asset Tag