Management Advisory Services

MAS performs various assurance, consulting/advisory and support services including the following:

  • Assists departments/units with identifying best practices for efficiency and compliance.
  • Serves as the liaison between internal auditor and client in the internal audit process:
    • Notify departments that they have been selected for audit (via e-mail).
    • Attends audit meetings (entrance conference, follow-up, exit). 
    • Responds to inquiries related to the audit process.
    • Assists client in composing response to audit finding, recommendation, follow-up.
  • Conducts follow-up reviews to monitor the implementation status of audit recommendation (if applicable).
  • Coordinates UMD’s compliance reporting system and conducts investigations.
  • Issues Reports summarizing audit activity, investigations, and ethics and compliance reportings.
  • Partners and advises on campus-wide compliance and ethics initiatives.
  • Training