Working Budget Calendar

Calendar for FY 25 working budget schedule - updated April 11, 2024.

To download a copy of the calendar, click here.

Thursday February 29   Budget Office to send communication to CBOs and DBOs on important Working Budget dates.
Friday March 8 12:00 Noon Last day to request new accounts or account modifications in order to be processed for the freeze data for Working Budget.
Friday March 8 12:00 Noon Last day to process KFS Future Year Only Budget Amendments prior to freeze of Live Budget data for BPM Working Budget (due by Noon). After this date, future year budget amendments should be made in BPM.
Monday-Tuesday March 18-19   Spring Break
Friday March 29   Last day to process KFS Dept/SubDept hierarchy changes in order to be reflected in FY25 BPM. 
Tuesday April 2 5:00 PM Last day for approved updates to PHR prior to freeze of data for BPM Working Budget. Appointments that expire on or before 6/30/24 will not be included in BPM WB. Future-dated appointment changes--effective on or before June 30 for 12-month employees, and effective on or before Pay Period 04 (beginning August 10) for academic year faculty--will be included in the FY25 Working Budget System.
Monday April 8   System Development moves current salaries from PHR extract to KFS, then extract budget and salaries from KFS to BPM.
Friday April 12 5:00 PM Request for in-band adjustments must be submitted to UHR.
Tuesday April 23 12:00 Noon BPM Opens. Budget System open to Divisions and Colleges for budgeting and salary setting. The Budget Office sends out tracking control sheets to Colleges.
Wednesday May 1 12:00 Noon Budget System open to Departmental users for budgeting and salary setting.
Friday May 17 12:00 Noon BPM System closed to Departmental users for salary setting (Departmental users still permitted to make salary and budget edits).
Friday May 24  5:00 PM BPM closed to Divisions and Colleges for salary setting and budgeting (Budget Officers still permitted to make salary and budget edits). 
  mid - June   Payroll conversion reports available to units in Admin Reports
  June 10 - 28   BAC/VP Budget Meetings
Tuesday July 9 11:00 PM Last day for units to make payroll corrections in PHR for July 1 salaries and funding/account.
  July/August   FY25 BPM Working Budget loaded into KFS, Workday & Adaptive Planning.