Ethics, Integrity and Compliance Reporting

To report an emergency or if someone is in danger, please call 911.

Information about reporting sexual misconduct may be found here.

If you have concerns about COVID-19 or any public health practices, please talk with your supervisor or other university manager, or use the form on the UMD Compliance reporting system.

The University of Maryland is committed to fostering a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance. Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic includes health and safety responsibilities for everyone.

The University of Maryland is committed to an open and honest campus environment, and we ask you to support this commitment. We want you to feel comfortable approaching your supervisor or other manager in instances where you believe violations of policies or standards may have occurred. We encourage reports of questionable activities you have witnessed or experienced. This ensures UMD is following the highest standard of ethics.

In situations in which you prefer to make a confidential or anonymous report, you are encouraged to use the UMD Compliance reporting system. It is a safe way to report problems or raise concerns. It is administered for UMD by UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EthicsPoint, an independent trusted solution to confidentially manage reports of possible irregularities or misconduct. If you wish, your report will be anonymous.

The reporting system is always available (24/7) to document your concerns. It is not for reporting criminal or medical emergencies. To access the reporting system, click here or call 1.844.607.1491. Spanish translation is available by calling the phone line; translation into other languages is available on request.

All submissions are reviewed and reports of noncompliance are investigated. It is important to be as specific as possible if you choose to remain anonymous so that your concern may be addressed.