Controller Digest - July 2020

It was almost precisely two years ago that I sent out the first Controller Digest (June 25, 2018) and today I am writing my last one as today is my last day at UMD.  I came back to my office this morning to pack up and clean up.  I haven't been on campus since we left abruptly before Spring Break. The campus was quiet, almost too quiet, even the geese are not around...  When I looked back at the past two years of my time at UMD, it is hard to think past these previous three months.  So much has happened and changed just in such a short time.  In fact, I think this is the first time I haven't been able to truly distinguish between my personal and professional life.  I do want to take this last opportunity to thank all of you for your feedback, support and faith in me during my time here.  I have learned a lot, made progress, built great friendships.  I could not have expected a more fruitful endeavor.  


Here are some updates for this month:


Organizational Updates

  • As you know, Chenise Patterson will be the Interim Controller beginning next week.  I have worked with Chenise in the past two years and have gotten to know her.  She is a person of high integrity and has a great deal of institutional knowledge.  She is competent and committed.  I know she will be able to do a great job stepping into this new role.  I hope you will give her the same support as you have given me.  I understand from Chenise that she would continue the Controller Digest going forward.

Changes/Projects w/ Campus-wide Impact  

  • KFS A/R - The KFS accounts receivable module to support the new External Department A/R goes live on Monday, July 6th. All new invoices will be entered by department users in this system. The External Department Billing (EDB) system is no longer being used to process new invoices as we stopped accepting paper invoices in advance of Fiscal Year-End. If you have any technical questions about KFS A/R, please contact I want to thank our Student Financial Services and Cashiering office and our KFS team for their collaboration on this important project. And, I want to thank the impacted departments or your continued dedication and patience as we all make this transition.  
  • BB&T Conversion - Our project to switch our merchant services provider from Bank of America to BB&T is in full swing. We are wrapping up converting our ecommerce solutions and beginning to work on our POS products. The State has given us a deadline of the end of August to finalize our conversion, so we appreciate your continued cooperation with this effort. If you have any questions, please contact Tara Renaghan at
  • Wells Fargo Conversion - We are wrapping up the work to switch our depository bank from Bank of America to Wells Fargo. We started this process in April by communicating with departments the information they need to change their ACH/Wire deposit. On July 1st, we will make the change for our cash/check deposits. We appreciate everyone who stopped by during one of our distribution time slots to get their new Wells Fargo endorsement stamp. If you need a stamp and do not have it yet, please contact Tara Renaghan at  Now that we are nearing the end of this project, our Bank of America depository account will be shut down by the State. While we have not been told an exact date that the account will be closed, we are encouraging everyone to finish switching over to Wells Fargo as soon as possible as it could be closed as early as September. 

Changes Initiated by USM and Hot Topics  

  • State Budget - Yesterday, BPW Gov Hogan's request to cut $413.17M from the state FY21 budget (a 2.07% reduction from the general fund).  Among the items cut, $131M in higher education funds, including funds for USM and community colleges.  It was obviously not a surprise given the fiscal challenges at all levels.  I am sure you will hear more specifics soon.

That is it for the July Controller Digest.  It is strange and sad to leave in the middle of a pandemic because it feels like there is no closure.  Thankfully, I know I could always come back to visit the campus when we return to regular activities.  I hope that we could stay in touch.  Please feel free to link with me on LinkedIn.