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The Controller's Office has recently hired Tess Moeller ( as Associate Controller responsible for reporting.  She is in charge of the team that manages the KFS 90 reports and has recently developed and released financial management reports to a select group of users (Pilot Group).  These reports will eventually be available to the entire KFS 90 user population and will:

  • Provide access and financial information tools for management to improve decision making, visibility to financial performance, communication and collaboration
  • Institute financial transparency and accountability
  • Resolve financial reporting gaps  (e.g., executive and division level of reporting)
  • Develop a set of “Anchor Reports” that are commonly used and will provide one truth
  • Allow for flexibility in views from different perspectives and levels.
  • “Elevate” reporting on an incremental basis to eventually realize the reporting capabilities in the Workday ERP solution

We are collecting feedback on the usefulness of these reports as well as any needed clean-up efforts needed for inactive accounts, object codes, or reports.  Please email to provide feedback on the clean-up efforts or management reports.

Reporting team updates: June 2022

KFS 90 Management reports:

The KFS 90 Management reports have been deployed to 120 staff to assist with financial reporting and data analysis! Feedback we have received has been very positive and helpful.  We welcome any suggestions for improvement, so please email: and someone within the finance reporting team will get back to you.  Also, use this email to request access to the management tab of the KFS reports.  Here are a few features that were added as a result of feedback received:

  • Expand Folders button - expands all object codes to the object code level of detail.
  • Collapse Folders button - collapses all detail to line item categories.
  • Find Object Code button - searches for the object code entered.

We have also added a few new reports:

  • Multi-Year Capital Spending - report provides capital revenue and matching expenditures.
  • Balance Sheet by Fund Type -  The Balance Sheet by Fund Type view will display amounts grouped by accounting category, consolidation object code, and object level for the selected fiscal period.
  • Multi-Year Fund Balance by Account -  The Multi-Year Fund Balance view is an Account summary of the financial fund balances. It will display these entries across multiple fiscal years.
  • Multi-Year Fund Balance by Fund Type -   The Multi-Year Fund Balance view is a Fund Group summary of the financial fund balances. It will display these entries across multiple fiscal years.

The Elevate reporting team is developing all the management reports into Workday reporting.  The Reporting Team is collaborating with the Elevate team to define the scope and final inventory of reports that will be available in Workday at deployment and post-deployment.  Some tools that the Elevate team has used to prioritize this inventory list are survey results, statistics on the usage of reports, and report consumer meetings. We are also retiring some obsolete reports that won't be transferred to Workday.  If you run one of these historical obsolete reports, you will receive the following error message: 


"This report is considered an obsolete report. In our efforts to identify which reports should be a part of the Workday implementation, we have disabled the running of obsolete reports.

If you need to access this report, send an email to Please include the reason for your access."


Again, please use the email referenced to contact us regarding feedback on needed KFS reports in Workday and/or KFS management report enhancements.

The Reporting Team