Working Fund FAQs

Please contact GAD by submitting a ticket in Service Now to fin-working-fund.

Working funds should be used for nominal purchases only in cases of emergency and where use of a corporate purchasing card (CPC) is not feasible. Emergency temporary salary advances (60% net pay) and travel advances may be paid.

Salary advances shall follow Central Payroll Bureau guidelines and will not be reimbursed by GAD. Forms may be found here: under "Salary Advance Recovery."

 The following types of payments are NOT permitted:

  • Payments to vendors may not flow through working fund accounts as the data is not collected for 1099s and the working fund disbursement issuance bypasses the State's liability offset process.
  • Food purchases for normal staff type meetings or social functions.
  • Parking fees or other driving violations of employees.
  • Supplies for employee kitchen area.
  • Payment of vendors to avoid the Late Payment Reports.

We recommend that Working Fund accounts be reconciled on a monthly basis. GAD is required to review Working Fund accounts on an annual basis. A yearly Working Fund reconciliation shall be sent to GAD soon after the end of each calendar year, 12/31/XX.

No, working fund advance funds should not be commingled with funds from other sources.


We recommend that submissions occur at least weekly if the disbursements are frequent. Submissions must be made at a minimum on a monthly basis.

Summary sheet identifying total amount requested to be reimbursed along with supporting documentation. The summary list must itemize each expenditure by date, name of payee.