Payroll Processing

Learn more about processes for various payroll transactions. 

The department's/units authorized approver needs to approve pay calculations at a certain time. Read more. 

Employees need to make check repayments under certain circumstances. Learn more here.

View information on conditions and processes for requesting direct deposit recoveries. 

Moving expenses are taxable according to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018. Learn more here. 

Employees' parking refunds are processed by DOTS and Payroll Services. Learn the process here. 

Information about processing standard and non-standard pay adjustment, adjustment over $25,000 and for overpayment recovery

Pay advances can be requested in certain situations. Read conditions and procedures here. 

View information on the process of enabling direct deposits through Payroll Services. 

Reinstatement for back pay can be requested for inactive/terminated employees in need of pay adjustments. Learn more here. 

Stop Payments/Reissues can be requested when an employee’s check is lost, staledated, or mutilated. Read more. 

View resources and payment for overloads performed by faculty members, graduate assistants, and other employees.