Processing Direct Deposit Forms

Direct Deposits take two pay periods before becoming active. Each employee is allowed one account, either checking or savings. Complete the Direct Deposit Forms, sign with an original signature, and submit them to Payroll Services.

Complete the following fields
  • Payroll System: University of Maryland (UM)
  • SSN, employee’s name, agency code, & agency name
  • Check the appropriate Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) action on the form 
  • Bank name
  • Account type
  • Bank number (Routing #)
  • Checking or savings account number
  • Employee’s signature, date, and daytime phone number
Important information
  • Sign the forms with an original signature. Copies, faxes, or electronic signatures will not be accepted.
  • Do not submit the forms directly to CPB. Payroll Services will verify the forms and submit them to CPB on the employee’s behalf.