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March 5, 2024

Please note you may open a ServiceNow ticket using the following: 

Open a Case with Finance

November 7, 2023

Due to Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving holidays, we have two advanced paydays in November.

The payday for pay period 10 will be Thursday, November 9th

The payday for pay period 11 will be Wednesday, November 22nd.

There will be no early pickup for either pay period and paychecks will be distributed from 9am-4pm during the above referenced pay days.

Paychecks will be distributed to authorized department representatives only and any changes to authorized representatives should be sent to

If you have any questions, please contact Payroll Services at 301-405-5665 or

September 21, 2023
August 7, 2023

KFS Account Checklist for Workday Go-Live

In preparation for Workday HCM & Finance go live on November 15th 2023, the Controller’s Office in collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) has established a checklist intended to be a guide to assist units in reviewing your accounts to ensure your accounts are transferred appropriately from KFS to Workday.

July 28, 2023

Workday - Finance Learning Hubs

Explore Finance Learning Hubs to get all the answers you need about different Workday areas in Finance.

May 16, 2023,

Fiscal Year 2023 Closing Schedule Calendar is available here.

January 28, 2023

ALERT: Billtalk Email address is now operating

January 23, 2023

W2 - 2022s will be available after Jan 31

Maryland State employees who had signed up to receive the electronic only W-2 version before December 19th, 2022 may access their 2022 W-2s  by logging on to Central Payroll Bureau’s POSC portal. W-2s for rest of employees will be mailed on January 31st, 2023. W-2s will also be available to all employees on POSC on January 31st, 2023. 

Janurary 06, 2023

New Procedures and Processes for Designated Non-Capital Assets (DNCAs)

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the message regarding new procedures and processes for Designated Non-Capital Assets (DNCAs).

November 18, 2022

Distribution of Checks for PPE 11/19/22 payroll checks

As a follow-up to yesterday's meeting regarding the request for early distribution of payroll checks on Tuesday due to the administrative leave next Wednesday, I have reached out to the Central Payroll Bureau (CPB).

Unfortunately, due to the increased problems that the state has experienced with early check cashing, the CPB has informed us that we should not distribute payroll checks on Tuesday. When employees cash before warrant dates, it impacts the cash management side of our bank account. We have been warned that we may be assessed bank fees if/when employees cash/deposit before the pay date. With online/mobile banking options, we are seeing an increase in these types of issues. 

We do encourage all employees to sign up for direct deposit (this is the link to the direct deposit form).  As a reminder, payroll check pickup will be on Wednesday, November 23rd from 9 am - 11 am at the Chesapeake Building 1st floor. 

October 26, 2022

Due to Federal holidays, we will be having two early paydays in November. The dates are Thursday, Nov 10th and Wednesday, Nov 23rd.  Pickup is from 9am - 4pm.

September 13, 2022

To all UMCP Creators & Approvers:

With the beginning of the new academic year, we are seeing a very high volume of payroll paperwork for new employees. To reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be sent back for corrections Payroll Services would like to pass on some reminders based on the most common errors we are seeing:

1. Withholding and direct deposit forms can not be submitted if the social security number field is blank. If an employee does not have a permanent social security number, they must complete an Affidavit of Compliance form and use the temporary number that is generated by PHR.

2. Please ensure that all withholding forms are fully completed and that they are signed with an original, wet signature.

3. Direct deposit forms must be typed except for the signature. If any part of the form besides the signature is handwritten Central Payroll will not accept it.

4. Please make sure that the employee has an active appointment or an appointment that will begin within 2 pay periods of submission before sending paperwork in.

Questions? Please email

August 31, 2022

KFS Implemented an enhancement for Financial Aid transactions - Impact on College Park campus only

On July 1, 2022 a new enhancement was implemented in KFS to group the transactions posted to KFS with the object code 4600 - Student Aid.  The purpose of this project enhancement was to identify these Student Aid transactions into groups to help plan fiscal budgeting and identify the source of the budgets that are coming from financial aid and student accounts receivables system into KFS.  The process was designed to identify the grouping of these transactions by using the account attributes such as higher education functions code and sub-fund group codes into predefined groups that are given new object codes in the range of 463x-4640 that are named as follows:

Institutional Aid - Undergraduate
Institutional Aid - Graduate
Athletic Awards (Undergraduate)
Aid (Other)
Federal Aid - Undergraduate
Federal Aid - Graduate
State Aid - Undergraduate
State Aid - Graduate
Endowed Aid - Undergraduate
Endowed Aid - Graduate

Please note that any online transactions in KFS or feeder systems coming into KFS with 4600 OC are automatically mapped into one of these new object codes before posting.  The previous fiscal year 4600 OC transactions are unchanged.

July 14, 2022

We are extending the timeframe for units to do second close transactions given the power outages and resultant issues with KFS being offline. Fiscal Year 2022 Closing Schedule

June 30, 2022

FY23 Payroll Calendars are available now. 

May 11, 2022


Due to Juneteenth (June 20, 2022) being named as a Federal Holiday, there has been a change to the cutoff dates for PP26 payroll. The new dates are as follows:

The cutoff for all PHR transactions as well as will be Monday, June 13, 2022.

All SRA and other deductions will be due to Payroll Services on Monday, June 13, 2022.

Pay calculation approval will be Tuesday, June 14, 2022, and Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

NRA Training on 05/26/2022

Payroll Services will be offering NRA training sessions via Zoom on Thursday, May 26th from 1:00pm? 3:00pm or Friday June 3rd from 9:00am ? 12:00pm. It is only necessary for you to sign up for one of these sessions as they will both cover the same material. 

Please use the link below to access the google form that you will need to complete to register for a session. Please limit attendance to 2 people per department to ensure that there is space enough for everyone. 

NRA Training Registration Link: here

If you have any questions, please contact Cara Diggs at Please do not email Cara directly to register.

April 7, 2022

Please note: The State of Maryland is not processing payments to Russia, Georgia (in Eastern Europe), and Armenia.

March 3, 2022

W2s are mailed from the State of Maryland by January 31st. You can also access them online from the State of Maryland’s Online Payroll (POSC) website. The University Agency Code (UMCP – 360222) and your last pay check/advice number will be necessary to create an account if you do not have an account. Otherwise, “Log On” with your credentials. If you do not receive it in the mail and are unable to access your W2 on POSC, you can call Maryland’s Central Payroll Bureau directly to request a duplicate tax form. The phone number is 410-260-7964.

December 17, 2021

Please be reminded that although the university will be closed, pay day is still Thursday, December 23rd.  Checks will be distributed from 9am - 11am ONLY.  If you have any questions please call 301-405-5665. 

December 17, 2021

ELECTRONIC W2s Important Announcement
Maryland State employees can now sign up to receive their W-2s electronically ONLY, using Central Payroll Bureau’s POSC portal. Upon consenting to only receiving form W-2 electronically, Central Payroll will NOT print and mail you a paper copy.  We encourage employees to sign up and provide consent using “Signup/Modify W-2 Web Only Access” using POSC. Read more here for several advantages to signing up.

June 14, 2021

The State Treasurer's Office is closing our Bank of America depository account on July 1, 2021. Read more here about what impacted units need to do to ensure they receive their deposits after July 1st.

September 16, 2020

Please be advised that the State of Maryland will not be implementing the federal Payroll Tax Deferral option.

July 2, 2020

Read the latest Controller Digest here for current updates.

May 18, 2020

The FY2020 Fiscal Year End Calendar is available here.

March 2, 2020

The University Budget Office is pleased to announce the release of a series of videos created to provide tools to assist in developing an annual budget. Users can download the slide presentation and/or watch the videos here.

January 8, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new reporting portal to access both Kuali Financial reports and PHR reports. Click here to see the new portal.

November 11, 2019

Finance's new website is live! Come visit and find answers to your questions related to finance.