Payroll Online Service Center

The Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) is the State of Maryland’s system. All active state employees and recently retired/terminated employees who are/were paid by the Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) can view/print 12 rolling months of pay stub information, the most three recent years of duplicate W2s, and update addresses and W4 exemptions.

To sign up for POSC, employees need the agency code and the last check/direct deposit advice number, which can be obtained from Payroll Services. Email Jeen Rajesh, Cathy Dougherty, or Norvain Sharps with the following information:

  • Full name
  • UID
  • Last four digits of the SSN
  • Campus department
  • A brief note authorizing Payroll Services to provide the employee’s last check/direct deposit advice number to access POSC

Log-in instruction and additional information will be returned to the employee.